GOT7’s Mark Tuan in Far Away Teaser Photos, This is What the MV Will Be Like 2022 #Celebrity

Along with the arrival of The Other Side album, Mark Tuan will release an MV that will accompany his song titled Far Away, the first teaser images show us that we will see a romantic story in the clip.

The members of GOT7 have shown new facets through music, all of them debuted as soloists since then the fans have not stopped receiving new songs and albums by these K-Pop idols.

Until now, Mark Tuan has chosen to release individual singles that are accompanied by MVs, however he has already announced that his first album is close and will be called The Other Side.

Now that the release date has been defined and the tracklist of the album was released, we know that the lead single will be farawaythe song will have its own music video and Mark Tuan just presented a set of posters as teaser.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan Stars In Far Away Posters With A Romantic Vibe

The singer and rapper The American updated his social networks with a look at what the Far Away music video will be like. The three released posters show us Mark Tuan with a girl as they spend time together.

The Photos They portray sweet gestures that include eating together and even watching the time pass without any activity in between.

Although these teasers have a romantic vibe, the poster that DNA put up on their social media to promote Far Away conveys a slightly different vibe.

When is Far Away by Mark Tuan and his album The Other Side released?

Both Mark Tuan’s album and the music video that will accompany The Other Side are released on August 26, you can already pre-order this record material and mark the date on your calendar for this release.

The Other Side will include 10 songs including tunes like No Tears, Lonely and At My Low; as well as some of the singles the singer previously released, starting with last breathMy Live, Save Me and imysm.

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