GOT7’s Youngjae Announces SUGAR, Will Release His 2nd Solo Album

GOT7: Ready to listen to more Youngjae songs? GOT7’s main vocalist is all set to stage his first solo comeback and excited AHGASE with the schedule of scheduled activities.

Just a few days ago we enjoyed the premiere of the self-titled EP by GOT7 as well as the new MV of the single NANANA. Just as the idols announced, after the release of the album they would each refocus on their individual activities and it will be a while until they reunite as a team.

While Mark Tuan and Bam Bam flew to Thailand for a three-day fanmeeting, jackson wang has traveled to Los Angeles to continue preparing MAGIC Man, but now it is Youngjae who gave a greater surprise with the announcement of a new album.

The K-Pop singer represented by Sublime Artist Agency was in charge of disclosing all the details you should know about his comeback so you don’t miss any important day.

SUGAR: Youngjae reveals schedule of activities to promote his album

The new mini album Youngjae will bear the name of SUGAR and the first teaser revealed is a calendar with the entire agenda that we can expect from the releases before the premiere of said record material.

It all starts with the reveal of the tracklist on June 7th, followed by a collection of 3 mood samplers and 3 concept photos of this come back. In addition, on the 16th the highlight medley of the album will be released.

GOT7: When is Youngjae’s comeback with SUGAR?

Youngjae’s new album and SUGAR’s lead single music video will be released on June 21st, but before that on June 17th and 20th we will see teasers especially of the MV to know what vibe it will have.

Youngjae debuted as a solo artist last year and at that time released the single Vibin as part of his mini album COLORS from Ars.

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