GOT7’s Youngjae Premieres SUGAR’s MV, its Rhythm Will Make You Dance 2022 #Celebrity

GOT7’s Youngjae: A new musical era for Youngjae has just begun, the GOT7 member is conquering fans with SUGAR, a tune that will make its way into your playlist and into your mind, we tell you why the MV is unique.

Just last year we saw the members of GOT7 present their comeback with a self-titled album and their single NANANA now Youngjae shows us what he has been working on lately and presented a record material with Sublime Artist Agency.

Youngjae’s new mini album is named after SUGAR and this is also the title of his single that now has its own music video. It is the first solo comeback of this idol and although the teasers had raised expectations, the premiere has not ceased to excite AHGASE.

If you haven’t seen the MV of this K-Pop artist, here we tell you what makes him special, you will not want to stop listening to the melody and see what the member of GOT7 showed in this comeback.

Youngjae Throws A Party In SUGAR, Highlights Of His New Music Video

The music video SUGAR begins when a party ended, everyone seems to have fallen asleep unexpectedly, but if that wasn’t weird enough, when Youngjae wakes up he sees a girl walking away, what did that have to do with what happened at the party?

  • A journey through time and duality

When the first notes of the melody appear, the clip takes us to a sunny day and with a bright energy, Youngjae leaves a luxurious mansion to meet with friends and have the most fun, so this happened before the real party started. .

The elegance of the MV shows two different styles, one colorful and fresh in contrast to another very glamorous and seductive.

  • Youngjae shows off his vocal power

Although before his solo debut you had heard Youngjae as an expert balladeer, in COLORS From Ars we got to know a new facet of him and now he surprises us once again by taking over this musical style while his voice conquers our ears.

  • A rhythm that will make you dance

Youngjae’s song is refreshing and full of energy, it has a very nice rhythm that makes it easy to listen to and it will surely get stuck in your head after listening to it. Also, in the MV we can see a bit of the choreography and we can’t wait any longer for the dance practice to be revealed.

SUGAR: All about GOT7’s Youngjae’s album and his new songs

This is Choi Youngjae’s second mini album since his solo debut with Sublime Artist Agency, it has a total of five songs and SUGAR was chosen as the title, but there are other tracks you shouldn’t miss out on.

Among them we find songs like Focus, Cream, Nothing and at number 5, With You. Do you dare to listen to the entire album?

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