Gotham Knights Will Have The Biggest City in Gotham Ever Seen in Games

Gotham Knights Warner Games Montreal’s new game set in the Batman universe, should give players the chance to visit the biggest version of the iconic city ever seen in the games. The information is from Game Informer.

In an interview with the foreign publication, Geoff Ellenor and Fleur Marty, respectively the game’s director and executive producer, talked a little about some details of the next game. During the conversation, the pair commented on the map sizethe Batcycle vehicle and its relationship with the costumes used by the heroes during the adventure.

According to Ellenor, the map of Gotham Knights “It’s very big”. The director said that he did not put “one map on top of another”, but stated that the version of the city created by WB Games Montreal is immense. Marty added that this is “the bigger version of gotham already shown in a video game”, indicating that the map must be much larger than seen in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight and highlighting the importance that the devs gave to elements such as “density and verticality” of the metropolis.

The duo stated that the “fastest and most peaceful” way to navigate the gigantic map is using the batcycle, the vehicle used by the heroes in the campaign specially indicated by Marty and Ellenor to cover long distances. The motorcycle will be customizableallowing players to change the paint color and the characteristic sound of the car, but it will not be possible to improve and improve the Batcycle.

The director and producer further stated that, while customizable, the motorcycle’s colors must mirror the attire worn by the selected hero or heroine. Apparently, the development team assumed that players would prefer colors matching between character and vehiclethen doing this combination be automatic.

As each Batman disciple will have a total of 11 different clothesthis means the Batcycle will have dozens of distinct versions to match the look selected for Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin.

Gotham Knights which is a new franchise and will not be part of the Arkham saga, is scheduled for release on October 25 this year with versions for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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