Gran Turismo 7 Gets Another Patch With Three New Cars and A Track

Gran Turismo 7 this week receives its patch 1.17 which, as promised, adds three new cars to the game. But, in addition to the vehicles that were promoted by the game’s producer, the update also brings a new track and three menu options to unlock.

The cars are exactly the ones predicted by the experts when we only had a teaser. The patch adds to Gran Turismo 7 the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Special 98, a new Gr.3 version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo and the 1932 Ford Roadster, which had not been confirmed, but was among the guesses.

The surprises are on account of the track and the menus. After the update, players will be able to race at Watkins Glen International, also known as “The Glen”. According to the game’s description, this is a historic track, close to New York City, originally opened in 1956. It’s a path with many curves that tests the drivers’ technique and promotes some very fierce competitions.

The new menu options are unlocked based on your “collector level”. Two reach level 20, while the third is for those who have reached level 32. Check out the names of the skins below:

  • Toyota 86 Collection (level 20)
  • Honda Type R Collection (level 20)
  • Rotary Engine Collection (level 32)

More patch details for Gran Turismo 7 are available on the official PlayStation blog page. But there is no information in the post if this update makes any changes to car prices again.

Larry Brown

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