Gucci Announces Accepting Apecoin Payments

Luxury clothing brand Gucci announced today that it will accept Apecoin (APE) payments via Bitpay on Twitter. Continuing to be closely interested in the crypto money industry, Gucci confuses the minds with his tweets.

First from the official Twitter account apecoin Announcing that it will accept payments, Gucci removed its sharing after about 15 minutes. However, he then re-tweeted the tweet in which he announced that he would accept payment transactions.


Gucci Announces Apecoin Adoption On Twitter

An official statement came from Gucci, which recently announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments in its stores in the USA. Apecoin payments via Bitpay will be accepted at private Gucci stores in the US.

Gucci deleted the ApeCoin share, and ApeCoin, which rose by 10 percent after Gucci’s share, fell by 6 percent when the share was deleted. But Gucci re-tweeted it, announcing that it would accept payments.

Among the stores chosen by Gucci, announcing that it will accept payment in cryptocurrencies at certain stores in the USA; There are department stores such as Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Wooster Street in New York and Las Vegas. The company’s immediate future plan is to expand this app in North American stores.

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