Gyuri leaves Fromis 9 and Pledis Entertainment, This is The Reason 2022 #Celebrity

A new stage will begin for the girl group, but why will Gyuri no longer be in Fromis 9? We tell you all about her departure from Pledis Entertainment and the message that the HYBE subsidiary gave.

Just over four years after the debut of Fromis 9, one of the members of the group has announced her departure from this team of talented girls. It was in 2018 when the girls group debuted and has since evolved conquering fans with every style.

However, recently Pledis Entertainment updated fans about Gyuri’s decision to take a different tack from the K-Pop group, thus announcing this girl’s departure from the Fromis 9 lineup.

Find out what Pledis Entertainment’s statement says about the end of the contract of Gyuri with the company and the future plans of the group.

Fromis 9: From Our Memento Box will be Gyuri’s last comeback with the group

The entertainment company announced that starting in August, Fromis 9 will become an 8-member group, as Gyuri will end his contract with Pledis and mark his departure from the group.

Since July 31 is the last day of the contract with the idol, From Our Memento Box it will become the singer’s final project as part of the lineup. Pledis Entertainment noted that the other 8 members of Fromis 9 renewed their contract with the company in 2021, while Gyuri had kept his original contract and by mutual agreement it was not extended.

What will happen to Fromis 9 after Gyuri’s departure?

Song Ha Young, Lee Seo Yeon, Lee Sae Rom, Park Ji Won, Roh Ji Sun, Lee Chae Young, Baek Ji Heon, and Lee Na Gyung will continue to work as a team, and they actually already have plans for the future.

The idols are preparing to have promotional activities in Japan and are excited to meet their fans. What do you think of Gyuri’s departure from Fromis 9?

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