Gyuri Writes Letter To Fans After Leaving, What Does it Say? 2022 #Celebrity

Gyuri: Recently, Fromis 9 fans were very surprised to learn that the group will continue with 8 members, as Gyuri decided to leave the group. The idol shared her feelings through a handwritten letter.

While the girl group of Pledis Entertainment prepares for new activities including promotions in Japan, the company released the news that Gyuri will stop being part of the group at the end of this month, the announcement took everyone by surprise, but what did the idol about?

Pledis revealed that this was a decision they made together with the K-Pop singer, as both parties agreed that it would be best to continue their separate ways, now it is the idol who reveals how she feels after her decision.

Gyuri took to Weverse to share a photo of a letter handwritten where he included warm messages for fans of Fromis 9.

Gyuri Gives Thanks For Fromis 9 Fans’ Love And Reveals How He Feels

The singer confessed that she wanted to end her activities with Fromis 9 in the best way, so that’s why she didn’t comment on her departure from the group, but now she felt worried about how fans would have taken the news.

Gyuri also explained that this moment seemed very far away, but now it is in front of her and, although many times she felt afraid and wanted to take a step back, the love of flover It gave him the bravery and courage to step forward and start a new path.

This girl also thanked the love she has always received from fans and Fromis 9 members, noted that she will continue to do her best, and asked fans to take care of her in the future.

To the many Flovers who thanked me and Fromis 9 for becoming their hope and strength to live on, I want to thank you for being my support and stepping stones.

What will Gyuri do after leaving Fromis 9?

The idol did not indicate what her plans are from now on and it has not been revealed if she is already in talks with a new agency, despite this there are many alternatives for Gyuri, because as you surely remember, she not only debuted as an idol but also What actress.

Will you continue your career as an idol or acting in dramas? We’ll know very soon but in the meantime, you can take a look at their characters in stories like It’s Okay To Not Be OkayDating Class or cheer up.

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