Han Ji Hyo Worries Doyoung 2022 #Celebrity

Han Ji Hyo: Many NCT ​​and K-Drama fans are eagerly awaiting NCT 127’s Doyoung’s new drama. To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me will be a fantasy love story that promises to melt viewers’ hearts. New posters were recently released in which you can appreciate a little more the sweet friendship that the protagonists of the story will have.

To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me is a new fantasy romance drama starring NCT’s Doyoung and actress Han Ji Hyo. They were recently released new posters in which the suffering of the protagonist and the concern of her best friend are shown a little more.

Many fans are excited for NCT Doyoung’s new drama, in which the idol will star alongside actress Han Ji Hyo. This drama tells the story of a young woman who finds a mysterious notebook that makes anyone fall in love with her for just one month and decides to have a month-long courtship with the boys of her dreams.

each of the advances that he has released excite the fans who can not wait to see this tender story and the recently revealed posters squeezed the hearts of the viewers who are waiting for this drama.

The new posters of To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me while the protagonists suffer

To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me is a story of a girl who has never been in a romantic relationship and has trust issues as she considers that she is not pretty enough to get anyone interested in her. However, her life changes when a mysterious and magical notebook lands in her hands.

This notebook makes any boy fall in love with her and can have a relationship for only one month. Ending up heartbroken as soon as the spell wears off. In the first poster, Han Ji Hyo is seen crying her heart out as she mentions that it will be okay even if it is only a month-long relationship.

On the other hand, in the second poster, NCT’s Doyoung can be seen worrying about his friend. In the story he is the only one who is aware of this notebook and in the poster he wonders if the relationships are only for a month, is it okay to let the girl be? Showing a clear disagreement with his friend using the notebook to make people fall in love and ending up with a broken heart every month.

When does To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me premiere?

To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me opens on July 14 via TVING. It has not been revealed yet if another streaming platform is going to broadcast this drama, but NCTzen is very excited for the premiere of this story that will surely make viewers cry on more than one occasion. Have you scheduled this premiere yet?

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