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The crypto market has generally experienced a significant rally in the last two weeks. Most cryptos have made significant gains with short-term buying pressure. Therefore, the trend has triggered an overall bullish sentiment for market prospects. This has opened the door to some predictions that an altcoin season will begin. A popular crypto analyst shares 5 altcoin projects to watch in November.

“Most altcoin projects are dying to continue”

Accordingly, crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe suggests that most altcoin projects are preparing for the continuation of an upside rally. In a YouTube video on November 4, the analyst comments:

Most altcoins are dying to continue. However, we certainly expect a consolidation in the market. It looks pretty good. I think we are on the verge of a big boom in the markets.

In this context, the analyst identifies the following altcoins as important projects to be considered.

Considerations: BNB, MASK, DOGE, MATIC and LINK

Binance Coin (BNB)

The altcoin is trading at $349 at press time. Van de Poppe suggests that the token will continue with an uptrend, gaining more than 15% in a week. Similarly, the technical analysis of the token is dominated by positive sentiments pointing to the purchase.

Mask Network (MASK)

MASK has made a huge gain of about 14% in the last 24 hours. It changes hands at $4.92 at press time. The analyst says the token has many upside possibilities. He also states that he has set his next price target at $5.50. However, according to the analyst, if the altcoin corrects to $4, it will trigger longs for the token. His prediction is in line with MASK technical analysis, which supports the accumulation of cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

AmkNews.comAs you can follow from , Dogecoin has always been at the forefront in the last two weeks. According to the analyst, investors of the popular meme coin need to be patient. They should also wait for DOGE to regain critical levels. However, the analyst notes that investors of tokens who are trading on the downside, especially after breaking above $0.13, should be cautious. DOGE is trading at $0.01273 at press time. Meanwhile, the meme coin has gained over 23% in one week with positive techniques.

Polygon (MATIC)

Elsewhere, MATIC has held back the $1 level last week, maintaining its prevalence. The analyst states that the $1.30 target is still valid. At the same time, the techniques underscore a bullish sentiment around MATIC.

Chainlink (LINK)

The last altcoin on the analyst’s radar is Chainlink (LNK). The analyst points out that he is lining up for a big exit that will result in a run towards $11. At press time, LINK was trading at $8.89, gaining over 17% weekly. However, he warns that at the bullish point of LINK’s technical data, it will retest the $7.8 level before rebounding.

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