Hermit Crab, The Story of The Meme that Imitated RM From BTS 2022 #Celebrity

Hermit Crab: Some old dramas have made scenes so iconic that everyone remembers them. Especially when these, while trying to be heartwarming, end up making the audience laugh. As in the case of the hermit crab pose from the drama Sad Love Story, which even BTS’s RM ended up imitating.

In South Korea there is a meme very popular from an iconic scene from the drama Sad Love Story. This scene became so famous because many people began to imitate the actor’s action and more than 15 years after its release, the hermit crab scene is still very popular.

Many people in South Korea recognize this scene, which has kept a special place in their hearts and snatched a couple of laughs. Even BTS’s RM didn’t miss an opportunity to imitate her recently. Where it appeared?

Origin of RM’s ‘hermit crab’ pose in his ending fairy

The famous ‘hermit crab‘ pose was born in the drama Sad Love Story. A 2005 production with Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun, and Yun Jung Hoon. Just as its name describes, this drama is a tragic romance story full of heartbreaking moments.

However, how did such a sad drama give life to an iconic meme? Although to this day the scene continues to cause laughter, it was not a funny scene for the public to laugh, but it was intended to be moving.

In this scene, what the protagonist does is lower his hat to cover half of his face and hide his tears while he smiles. But for many people this scene turned out to be very funny. So it didn’t take long for you to become a meme that many loved.

For this reason, in his most recent ending fairy RM he imitated the hermit crab pose and being such a popular meme in Korea, it caused all the members of BTS to burst out laughing.

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