How Did Rose Get Into BLACKPINK? 6 Years in The Group 2022 #Celebrity

BLACKPINK: It’s already June 22 in South Korea, officially marking six years since Rosé was revealed as the last member of the successful group BLACKPINK. Born in New Zealand and living much of her life in Australia, Rosé moved to Korea to pursue her dream of being an idol. This was the path that she had to take to become the big star that she is now.

Today is the anniversary about what Rose was announced as the last member to be part of BLACKPINK. In her six years as a K-Pop star, Rosé has achieved great achievements, not only demonstrating her talent as a solo artist, but also becoming an ambassador for different internationally renowned brands.

BLACKPINK fans have great affection for Rosé, who has proven to have a charismatic and unique personality, managing to steal the hearts of thousands of people who have had the pleasure of living with her or meeting her through her group videos and interviews.

With a laid-back and outgoing personality, Rosé has managed to win the hearts of her peers and all of BLINK. For that reason, on the anniversary of her debut as an idol, we tell you a little about her story.

Rosé was the last to be revealed as a member of BLACKPINK, how did she get into the company?

Roseanne Park, better known as Rosé, is the fourth member of BLACKPINK. Although prior to her debut, not much was known about her and when she was revealed, it was a great surprise for her followers. The singer has an incredible story of support in which she chased after her dreams.

Born in New Zealand and living much of her life in Australia, Rosé said that during her childhood, she was a happy girl who was screaming and singing all the time. After seeing her talent, her father encouraged her to audition to become a K-Pop idol. Rosé did not hesitate for a second and she auditioned with the song I Wo n’t Give Up by Jason Mraz when she was 16 years old. To her surprise, she received a call from YG Entertainment asking if she could move to Korea to become a trainee.

During his time of trainees, Rosé became very close to the other three members of BLACKPINK, especially Lisa, because being foreigners, they both spoke in English and helped each other with Korean. Forming since then a beautiful friendship that blossomed after debuting together in the same group.

Rosé has shown great talent as a solo singer and model

After her debut, she hasn’t been slow to demonstrate her great talent as a singer, to such an extent that her solo album won several awards and recognitions after its release. Similarly, her participation in King of Mask Singer drew a lot of attention for how beautiful her voice was.

On the other hand, she has also stood out in the world of fashion by becoming an ambassador for important brands such as Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. Without a doubt, the singer showed why she is so loved by her fans.

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