How Does BTS React When He Messes Up in Rehearsals? 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Have you ever thought about what BTS’s dance practices are like before a comeback or a special stage? Although the idols are very talented, they are not spared from making mistakes on some occasions and they revealed how the environment transforms when that happens.

Thanks to its enormous popularity around the world, BTS has given concerts in different countries and the group took their music to amazing stages, ranging from large stadiums to award shows such as the GRAMMYs.

These K-Pop singers always strive to put on amazing shows and they want everything to go perfectly, so they rehearse with great dedication before performing somewhere.

Before BTS have a memorable performance, many rehearsals are required and they don’t rest until everything goes as expected, but what happens when they mess up at dance practice?

BTS shows what happens when they make a mistake at the dance and turn to see J-Hope

During the new special episode of RUN BTS! The members of the group fulfilled several missions and in one of them, they were asked to act by imagining a special scenario: what happens when they make a mistake rehearsing their dance routine and make eye contact with J Hope.

All group members idol they stood up and exchanged amused glances, as if they felt a bit embarrassed and didn’t want to be scolded, but also created the atmosphere where it is inevitable not to laugh.

Why does BTS react like this to seeing J-Hope when there are mistakes in rehearsals?

Although all the members are very talented artists, J-Hope is one of the experts in the danceso he is the one who supervises the performance of the idols when they practice the choreography on your own.

Surely the members of BTS know that when they make a mistake, the first one to notice it will probably be J-Hope, so that’s why they show such reactions. AWW!

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