How Does Jungkook From BTS Smell? Charlie Puth Describes Its Scent 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: For fans it is very interesting to know details of the members of BTS such as what perfume they use, their favorite brands or simply what they smell like in real life, a singer who worked with Jungkook revealed what is the aroma that characterizes the Golden Maknae.

A lots of ARMYs they dream of meeting the members of the BTS band and, although that is not an easy task, hope remains. Have you ever thought about what you would like to do or say to them when you meet them?

For some, an important detail would be to discover what these guys smell like in real life, maybe it’s a fragrance of some luxury brand, or simply with a discreet natural but charming aroma.

Recently, fans took advantage of a conversation that charlie puth had through social networks to ask him about the true aroma that distinguishes Jungkook and he gave an interesting answer.

ARMY asks what Jungkook smells like and Charlie Puth answers

After the two singers collaborated on the song and music video for Left & Rightfans of the K-Pop idol have not hesitated to ask the artist about his experience with the BTS member.

In a recent live that Charlie Puth made through TikTok, he answered several questions and one of them was about what does Jungkook smell like Can you imagine what he said?

What does Jungkook smell like? MMM I dont know. I didn’t really take the time to smell it. Maybe… Soap?

BTS members are also complimented by the aroma that distinguishes them

Although it is now clear to us that Jungkook has a fresh and clean aroma that accompanies him everywhere, this is not the first time that the boys of BTS have been complimented by the smell that characterizes them.

When someone reveals that they got to know the idols, asking what they smell like in real life has become a tradition for ARMYs, but no matter which of the group members it is, the answers always include compliments or charming answers.

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