How Does Oh My Ghost end? Last episode explained 2022 #Celebrity

Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk starred in the drama Oh My Ghost, the romance and fantasy series had many entanglements due to a ghost who was up to her mischief, but how does the Korean drama end?

Do you remember this popular korean series? The K-Drama follows the story of Na Bong Sun, an apprentice chef with a shy and fearful personality who has seen ghosts all her life. She works at celebrity chef Kang Sun Woo’s restaurant, but one day a spirit takes over her body and takes the opportunity to resolve the issues that keep her in the world of the living.

The drama Oh My Ghost stars Park Boyoung as Na Bong Sun, Jo Jung Suk brings Kang Sun Woo to life, while Kim Seulgi is the ghost Shin Soon Ae; who are in charge of developing a story with mystery, romance, fantasy and even crime.

Here’s what happened in the episode oh my ghost endingso that you remember how the story ends and clarify your doubts about the ending of the drama.

What is the ending of Oh My Ghost? Everything that happened in episode 16

In the last chapter of Oh My Ghost, the father of Shin Soon Ae He is called to the police station and they inform him that they discovered the truth of his daughter’s death, revealing that she wanted to report a hit-and-run case but the criminal decided to silence her.

Due to the shock of this news, the girl’s father ends up unconscious in the hospital, his life is in danger, but when he is walking towards the light Son Ae stops him mentioning all the reasons why he should continue living. Now the ghost can go to the afterlife, she says goodbye to Bong Sun and the chef and continues on his way.

After that, Bong Sun is trained by the chef, so when he joins an important competition he manages to stand out for his talent, his colleagues at the restaurant celebrate his success, but this also gives him the opportunity to travel abroad to continue preparing, so she and the chef must separate.

Oh My Ghost: Na Bong Sun and Chef Kang Sun Woo End Up Together?

The Oh My Ghost drama ends when after a time apart, Na Bong Sun returns to South Korea and is reunited with Kang Sun Woo. Both are surprised to see each other again but are happy to be face to face.

Romance takes over the scene and so we come to the end of the exciting K-Drama, did you remember everything about the ending?

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