How Tall is Kang Tae Oh? Real Measurements of the Korean Actor 2022 #Celebrity

Kang Tae Oh won over K-Drama fans with his talent, charisma, and the characters he has portrayed. Do you want to know more about this Korean actor? Here you will find out how tall he is, when he was born and more interesting details.

Are you a fan of dramas in broadcast? If so, then surely you are already seeing kang tae oh in Extraordinary Attorney Wooor even you probably know him from his participation in stories like Run On, The Tale of Nokdu and other productions.

Kang Tae Oh is one of the most popular actors at the moment and for this reason, throughout the entire broadcast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo he has been one of the most talked about stars on social media, showing a great increase in his popularity.

Do you want to be a fan of this Korean actor? So you should start by knowing some basic information about this guy, including his height, so you can imagine how you would look next to him if you met him in person.

How tall is Kang Tae Oh? Find out what you would look like next to him

The actors dramas always surprise us with their height, as many of them are even taller than we imagined. Kang Tae Oh is 1 meter and 79 centimeters tall.did you think this would be his height?

In addition to measuring 1.79, Kang Tae Oh has a weight of 66 kilograms according to his profile, although it is well known that actors tend to modify their weight according to the character they are going to play.

Kang Tae Oh: Birthday, zodiac sign and more details in the actor’s profile

Other important facts that you should know about Kang Tae Oh is that this boy was born on June 20, 1994 and is originally from Incheon in South Korea. His zodiacal sign is Gemini and in the Chinese zodiac the Dog corresponds to him.

The company MOC Entertainment is the one who represents his career, he was part of the K-Pop group 5urprise and, in addition to acting in dramas, he has also participated in some movies and music videos.

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