How to Watch TXT At Lollapalooza For Free, Schedule And More Details 2022 #Celebrity

This month was very eventful for TXT, as they were in the United States for several weeks on their ACT: LOVE SICK concert tour. To close their stay in that country with a flourish, the South Korean group will have a presentation at the popular Lollapalooza festival. Which fans can see completely free.

TXT will perform at the music festival lollapalooza the July 30. The idols will become the first K-Pop group to perform at this festival and their show can be seen online so free.

MOA is very happy with the new achievement of TXT after a successful tour of several dates in the United States, the idols will have one last performance in lollapaloozathe popular music festival, making the BIG HIT Entertainment group the first K-Pop group to appear at the festival.

The members of TXT They have shown their concern for their performance at the festival, hoping to meet many fans and for the general public to enjoy their music. Do you want to know where you can see his presentation live?

At what times will TXT be presented at Lollapalooza in Latin America?

South Korean group TXT will become the first K-Pop group and act to perform at the Lollapalooza music festival. During their show, it is estimated that they will perform a total of three songs accompanied by a band. If you want to see his presentation these are the Schedule in which you can see them in Latin America this July 30:

  • 6:45: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador and Costa Rica.
  • 7:45: Mexico, Peru, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Cuba.
  • 8:45: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.
  • 9:45: Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
  • 2:45 am on July 31: At this time it will be available in Spain.

Where can the TXT show be seen at Lollapalooza online?

TXT’s presentation at Lollapalooza can be seen through the application weverse Y Weverse TV App. His show will be completely free and can be seen in all regions of the world. However, if you live in the United States, you can watch the show through Hulu. Are you ready for the concert of the group? What song would you like to see on stage?

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