How Was Jungkook’s Graduation? BTS Still Remember That Day

Jungkook: One day that many fans fondly remember was the day Jungkook graduated from the Seoul School of Performing Arts, a popular academy that many idols have attended. Likewise, BTS remembers that day perfectly and they recently mentioned it in an interview.

BTS They have more than a decade as a group, although they debuted nine years ago, they trained together for several years and have known many parts of their lives as partners. For this reason, they celebrate each achievement of their peers, such as the day they Jungkook I know graduated from high school.

ARMY deeply loves how he has seen each of the members grow at different stages of their lives. To the point of not only seeing them graduate, but going to exceptional places like the UN or the GRAMMYs. They want to continue seeing BTS grow in all aspects of their lives and love to remember the moments they have lived together.

The day Jungkook graduated from school and ate black noodles with BTS

On a recent show, BTS reminisced about Jungkook’s graduation day. His graduation from the Seoul School of Performing Arts was in February 2017 and all of BTS came to congratulate the group’s maknae on the completion of his studies.

Since they had already debuted, they did not miss the opportunity to go as a group to support their partner. And remember that as a thank you, Jungkook invited them all to eat black noodles, where they recreated an iconic photo similar to the one they had taken when the maknae first entered school. In this video you can see how they remember that moment with joy:

What did Jungkook study in college?

BTS’s Jungkook graduated this year from Global Cyber ​​University, where he studied Broadcasting and Entertainment Education, following in the footsteps of his groupmates, who also studied that career. Her graduation was in March. Did you know?

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