Huening Kai Carries Soobin When He’s Tired

Huening Kai: Although Huening Kai is the maknae of TXT, this K-Pop idol knows how to take care of his fellow members after a hard day’s work, how does he pamper Soobin? The idol has a tender gesture.

Most K-Pop groups tend to have busy schedules, because in addition to working on new music, choreography and the details of a comeback, we frequently see them in filming, photo sessions, sometimes as MCs or actors and promoting in different shows.

The guys from TXT are no exception, although there are seasons of rest, when the group gets down to work on a project they give it all their dedication and that is another reason why MOAs he is always proud of them.

But after a long day of work, nothing better than relaxing and enjoying a good rest, that’s where Huening Kai and her sweet personality comes into play.

Huening Kai carries Soobin on his back when the idol is very tired

On several occasions we have seen Huening Kai worrying Soobin when this guy has had a long day of activities. On one occasion, the leader of the group shared a video of the makne’s gesture on Twitter and explained what had happened.

According to Soobin, a day before he was really tired, but TXT A day of work lay ahead of him, so Huning Kai carried him as they headed toward their responsibilities. AWW!

TXT’s Huening Kai also supported Soobin on his day 1 as MC

Surely you remember the day Soobin debuted as MC from a Korean television music show, the idol had a great performance but his TXT partner was also there to cheer him on.

As if that were not enough, when leaving that activity on his agenda, the maknae again chose to carry him while they went to his car, so that the leader of the group could rest.

Huening Kai carries Soobin on his back. | Source: Twitter @TXT_members

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