Huge Whales Hunt for SHIB, MANA and These Altcoins!

Data provided by WhaleStats revealed that Ethereum whales had collected $33 million worth of SHIB in just 24 hours. SHIB price is in the green around 5% from last week as the biggest Ethereum whales continue to accumulate. MANA, LINK, and UNI were other altcoins that giant wallets collected.

Ethereum whales withdraw $33M worth of SHIB to their wallets

According to a recent tweet from WhaleStats, which focuses on the 100 largest wallets on the Ethereum network, giant wallets are currently collecting massive amounts of SHIB. These purchases increased Shiba’s overall value among the top 100 wallets from $150,185,634 to $179,344,952.

Whales collect at MANA, LINK and UNI

WhaleStats data also provides perspective on the portfolio of the 2,000 largest Ethereum wallets. Currently, the largest hodl position is in LOCUS, which ranks first at $183,386,016, according to the data. SHIB is in second place with $179,344,952. Interestingly, the whale sees that some of them have set aside a large amount of cash for MANA. The weights of the wallets on a token basis are given in the list below.

  1. LOCUS – $183,386,016
  2. SHIB – 179,344,952
  3. BIT – 125,917,189
  4. MKR – 99,059,870
  5. LINK – 86,701,924
  6. UNI – 73,805,349
  7. BEST – 70,267,000
  8. MANA – 67,516,831

Despite heavy purchases, whales shrink their SHIB positions

According to WhaleStats’t, the total amount of SHIB owned by Ethereum whales has decreased significantly recently. These wallets were holding $600 million worth of Shiba Inu as of August 3 last week. On August 7, WhaleStats shared that they hold roughly a similar amount of SHIB in their wallets. This amount represents 10% of the entire circulating supply of SHIB. As we touched on above, the whales SHIB portfolio is currently down to $180 million. In addition, the Shib lost the top spot on the list of 10 whale holdings overnight. It now ranks second and LOCUS takes the top spot. According to information from CoinMarketCap, the Shiba Inu is currently trading at $0.00001265. It was slightly higher than the last 24 hours and last week.

SHIBUSDT 2022 08 13 19 38 01

Experts’ 2025 price predictions for the Shiba Inu

Changelly’s latest blog post has revealed the experts’ price predictions after perusing the SHIB chart. Experts predict that SHIB could go as high as $0.000005048 and fall as low as $0.00004183. The potential return on investment for the year in question will be 322%. Also, its average price is estimated to remain at $0.00004335.

According to some crypto experts, SHIB price will reach a new ATH in 2025. On the contrary, although enough tokens have been burned this year, some analysts are not very hopeful about the price increase in 2022. Analysts predict the maximum and minimum prices of SHIB to be $0.0001928 and $0.000009839, respectively. They previously estimated its average price to be around $0.0001152. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has opened the new game called Shiba Eternity to users. We have given the details in this article.

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