Hwang In Yeop And His Stairway Scenes Make Fans Cry 2022 #celebrity

Hwang In Yeop is starring in the drama Why Her?, but one of his character’s saddest moments brought back memories of another scene from the actor that broke hearts from the get-go.

The issuance of drama Why Her? continues and as we advance in the plot new challenges and difficulties for the characters also appear, gong chan is the role played by Hwang In-yeop and in the last episodes he has had very complicated moments that unleashed the sadness of the fans.

among the many scenes that have touched the hearts of fans, we found one that, in addition to being very emotional, took us in a flashback to another of his dramas where he also moved everyone, which one is it?

What do Why Her and True Beauty have in common? Hwang In Yeop proves it in these scenes

In a recent episode of Why Her? Hwang In Yeop’s character is rushing down the stairs when he discovers news that leads him to relive his past, so he sees the memories of what his family was like before misfortune come to them.

After so many difficult moments for this character, that moment turned into a touching and very sad scene, but some fans even noticed a coincidence with another moment where Hwang In Yeop made us cry.

Surely you remember the scene of TrueBeauty where Seojoon gives up his love and sends the girl he likes to meet Suho, after keeping a fake smile he hides on the stairs while crying uncontrollably.

Hwang In Yeop and stairs is a combination that fans no longer want to see

It seems that it has become a tradition to have sad scenes for Hwang In Yeop’s characters that take place in the middle of the stairs, but fans of this actor would like the roles he plays to be surrounded by happiness, so social networks were filled of messages hoping that their characters no longer have to suffer.

However, it is also to be recognized that seeing him in this type of role allows us to see more of his acting ability, don’t you think so?

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