Hwang In Yeop and Seojun Are More Alike Than You Think 2022 #Celebrity

Hwang In Yeop: True Beauty fascinated thousands of K-Drama lovers and they were completely charmed by hwang in yeop’s performance as the charming student who wishes to become an idol Seojun. However, the actor and the character have a great resemblance both in personality and physique, even both share a detail of their lives that no one knew.

Hwang in Yeop is the actor who played seojun in the popular drama TrueBeauty. Although some fans of the webtoon initially doubted the choice, they quickly fell in love with the actor’s charisma and the way he brought Seojun to life.

Hwang in yeop’s acting career exploded thanks to his interpretation of Seojun, because as soon as he had that role he began to receive offers to star in different dramas. In the last year, she has appeared in The Sound of Magic and Why Her, demonstrating her versatility in her roles.

Both Seojun and hwang in yeop have several things in common, not only their great charisma and talent for singing, in addition to having a similar physique, they also have a detail that not many fans knew and that is that they both belong to the same company of entertainment.

hwang in yeop and seojun belong to the same entertainment agency

In the drama True Beauty, hwang in yeop gained huge popularity after playing aspiring idol Seojun, who quickly stole the hearts of his fans. Not only did they coincide both physically and in their singing talent, they also share a special trait that not many knew, the same agency.

While in the webtoon, Seojun decides to debut as an idol in ST Entertainment, which is a clear reference to SM Entertainment. In real life, actor hwang in yeop belongs to KeyEast, which is an acting agency under the label of SM-Entertainment. So both characters agree on that detail of their lives. Did you know?

Where can I watch True Beauty with Spanish subtitles?

you can see the drama TrueBeauty where does it appear hwang in yeop, Cha Eun Woo Y Moon Ga Young through the streaming platform viki. If you really liked the series and want to see it again, it’s a good time to remember how much you liked its characters.

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