Hwang In Yeop in Why Her, What Happened in The First Chapter of The Drama?

Hwang In Yeop: Have you started watching Why Her yet? The exciting K-Drama gave us an emotional first episode, causing Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop’s character) to even take a claim from the female lead.

Among the June premieres in the world of K-Dramas, why her It has just started with a first chapter of great impact and that aroused curiosity about how the paths of the main characters will really unite, especially after a terrible first meeting they shared within the story.

Why Her is a korean drama made by Seo Hyunjin Hwang In Yeop and Heo Joon Ho. It tells the story of a lawyer named Oh Soo Jae who built a prestigious career, but due to a bad decision she ends up working as a professor at a university, not knowing that love will knock on her door again.

In the first episode we saw a bit of the protagonists and Hwang In-yeopwho gives life to gong chanis shown working inside a seafood restaurant with great diligence, but a stumble caused havoc for him and oh soo jae.

Hwang In Yeop Gets Slapped By Seo Hyun Jin On Why Her Episode 1

The actor of TrueBeauty He appeared on the scene carrying a stack of seafood containers, but when a customer bumped into him, the contents of the boxes ended up spilling.

Although Gong Chan bowed his head, apologized and questioned the people in front of him if they were alright, he only received a frightening look and two slapping that left him totally disconcerted, but when the third blow approached he put a stop to the protagonist.

Why should you watch Why Her? Hwang In Yeop’s New Drama Has Just Started

The tension in this scene of the first meeting of the protagonists shows us the level of tension that we will see throughout the story, so you do not want to miss what will happen next in Why Her.

The legal and romance-themed story will have a total of 16 episodes, it will launch two weekly episodes on Friday and Saturday, but you can also find it on online platforms such as Viki and ViuTV.

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