Hyun Bin Reveals His Biggest Fear After Getting Married And Expecting His First Child 2022 #Celebrity

Actor Hyun Bin did not let much time go by to resume his career. His new movie Confidential Assignment 2: International will be released soon and to promote it he attended a press conference where he talked about the changes he has faced in his life now that he is a married man and will become a father. . What did the actor share?

Hyun Bin stars in the new movie Confidential Assignment 2: International and how part of his promotions, the actor answered various questions during a press conference, including how his married life with actress Son Ye Jin.

One of the love stories that all K-Drama fans are enthusiastically following is that of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. After starring together in Crash Landing on You and demonstrating excellent chemistry, the actors surprised with the news that he was dating, to later marry this year and announce that they are waiting for his first son.

On the other hand, after a long honeymoon, Hyun Bin refocused on his career and starred in a new film called Confidential Assignment 2, which is scheduled to open in Korean theaters next month. To publicize the film, the cast met with the press.

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Hyun Bin confessed that her life hasn’t changed much now that she’s expecting her first child.

During the press conference for the film Confidential Assignment 2: International, actor Hyun Bin discussed various topics with his fellow cast members Yoo Hae Jin, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, and Jin Sun Kyu. In addition to that, they had the participation of director Lee Suk Hoon.

One of the questions that the press was most curious about is how the actor’s life has changed now that he is married and will soon become a father. Hyun Bin replied that his life has not changed personally and that there are no particular points that stand out with the change.

In addition to that, the actor thanked those present for the congratulations on his wedding and the expectation of his first child. However, he did not mention further details of his private life with the press.

For Hyun Bin, his biggest concern is how his fans will take to his new projects.

On the other hand, Hyun Bin expressed that he feels more concerned about how his fans will view his Projects henceforth. Wishing that each of his works receives a lot of love from his fans and that the audience takes them in a positive way.

Besides that, Hyun Bin He assured that he would continue to work hard on each of his projects in the future and hoped that his new film would receive a lot of support. Are you going to see Hyun Bin’s new movie?

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