HyunA Releases Nabillera Concept Photos, Here’s What She Looks Like On Her Album 2022 #Celebrity

HyunA: After Dawn’s comeback, HyunA is the next P Nation artist with new material. On this occasion, the singer returns with a 5-song mini album, which will be the eighth of her solo career. Both Nabillera’s concept and tracklist have been revealed by her agency.

HyunA joins July comebacks with new mini album Nosebandso reported P Nation with several teaser photos and the list of songs that his new work will include. That’s what you should know about the return of the soloist.

The interpreter of I’m Not Cool surprised her followers with the Photographs of her new return, in which she can be seen with a unique makeup that demonstrates the style that characterizes her.

With bright and striking colors, HyunA is ready to return to the stage with her solo album, after her last comeback with I’m Not Cool in 2021. Now, with Nabillera, she will once again demonstrate her great talent and unique style.

HyunA Shares Striking Concept Photos For Nabillera Album

New ones were released conceptual photographs for HyunA’s comeback with Nabillera mini album. Which will have a total of five songs. In the photos of her, the singer appears with a striking makeup showing off both her nails and her tattoos.

In addition to that, she also appears with her face completely loose and a different makeup, where she shows an eyeliner above her eyelid and her characteristic red lips.

The song list of Noseband It includes a total of five singles, among which HyunA herself and her partner Dawn participate in several of the song lyrics. you can see the track list here:

  1. 나빌레라
  2. Bad Dog
  3. Picasso & Fernande Olivier
  4. 띵가띵가
  5. Watch Me

When does HyunA’s Nabillera premiere? his new album

HyunA’s new album ‘Noseband’ premieres on July 20th at 6:00 p.m. (KST) and will include five brand-new songs by the solo artist. In addition to that, one of the songs will be co-written by HyunA, Dawn, and PSY. Did you know? Without a doubt, it is one of the returns that you should pay attention to.

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