Ideas to Recreate Yeri’s Outfits and Her Style 2022 #Celebrity

The fashion of the idols inspires us to create new combinations and renew our style, do you dare to follow the fashion of Yeri from Red Velvet? Here we tell you how to recreate some of her outfits.

Each of the members of red velvet she has her own style when dressing, that’s why although in comeback season their outfits combine following the concept of their album, when they are off stage they can show what are the looks that they really like to wear on a daily basis.

Today we will focus on the fashion sense of Yeri you will see that just as we sometimes see this idol with outfits simple and charming, other times it surprises us with its most fashionable and glamorous side.

Keep reading and discover how you can carry the outfits that this singer of k pop has worn in his Instagram photos, take a look at your closet and use all your creativity while following this guide of fashion.

Red Velvet’s Yeri Looks You Can Recreate Inspired By Her Style

For the first casual look you need straight-cut jeans in the shade of blue you prefer, Yei wears a slightly grayish one, combine this garment with a white shirt, you can opt for one with a print but make sure it is not too colorful. The key accessory for this look is a thin shirt or camisole, choose a color that is eye-catching and tie this garment to the front. Add some sneakers and accessories.

For a fashionista style, Yei wears a cherry-colored dress, you can replace this garment with a similar skirt, it can be the length you prefer but the important thing is that it has flare. She adds a black sweater, if she has details like glitter or transparencies it will be even better. Complete your look with high black boots and a hairstyle that stands out.

Choose light blue jeans, if they are straight or tubed it will be perfect. Add a black tank top and wear a beige knitted sweater on top. Add a matching scarf or scarf. For footwear you can choose white ankle boots or tennis shoes.

Wear a tight black skirt and combine it with a triangular cut top, if it is made of shiny fabric and with colorful designs it will be much better. Add some boots that reach above the knee and add color by choosing a matching bag.

Wear straight or slightly baggy jeans, combine them with a warm-colored tank top and add sandals for footwear, you can choose between elegant ones like Yeri’s or casual-style ones with no heels, that will give you greater comfort in case of that you plan to go for a walk. Don’t forget the accessories.

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