If You’re Looking For Launching Web3, Meme, and Metaverse Coins, Check Out These 8!

Over the past day, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have been on the rise. Bitcoin (BTC) regained the targeted $20,000 level. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake (PoS) is imminent. Meanwhile, various metaverse, meme and web3 coin projects gained in value. Here are the details…

4 metaverse coins gained value

Bitcoin and altcoins started to gain slight momentum, while other cryptocurrencies took a leap. Looking at the Metaverse coin projects, Monavale (MONA) comes first. MONA has gained 101 percent in value. The project behind MONA has released a collection called DIGIFIZZY. DIGITALAX also activated management offers the other day. Genesis NFT and MONA holders will be able to vote in the management.

Later, Ethermon (EMON) gained 59.7 percent in value. GameX (GMX) is in third place. GMX experienced a 12.3 percent increase in value. Finally, the Spheroid Universe (SPH) experienced a 10.5 percent increase.

3 meme coins increased

Among the meme coins, the coin that gained the most value was HODL (HODL). HODL was created to operate on the BSC network as a double reward token offering both BNB rewards and repercussions to its investors (HODLers). HODL experienced a 122 percent increase. DogeFi (DOGEFI), which followed, gained 78 percent. Finally, ElonDoge.io (EDOGE) experienced a 20 percent increase.

meme 2

ELONDOGE is a project that takes seriously its mission to prepare society for a Mars colony. With EDOGE, as a testament to culture, endless ELON-DOGE produces NFTs while expanding liquidity, providing a universal basic income to Martian society through the mirroring mechanism.

The value of a web3 coin has increased

When we look at Web3 coins, the single cryptocurrency that rose the most was Steem (STEEM) with an increase of 27 percent. STEEM is a community-driven blockchain that creates instant earnings opportunity for network users. The protocol is designed to provide customers with an opportunity to earn based on their value in the network. It is designed to provide users with a platform where they can post curated content online and receive payment in cryptocurrency.

The protocol is a public, incentivized blockchain database that allows users to interact with them and earn in return. It leverages technologies from both social media and cryptocurrency to provide value to users. The network ensures that contributors are treated fairly by running a reward structure that reflects each user’s contribution.

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