Interesting Moves From Bitcoin Miners: Is It Coming?

Bitcoin: Even as the bitcoin price continues to hover around $22,000, miners seem hopeful for a quick return to their fortunes. In the past seven days, the Bitcoin price has soared from $367 billion on July 1 to now $414 billion. Meanwhile, there have been some interesting developments regarding the miner’s reserve in the recent past.

Bitcoin miner reserves on the decline?

According to analysis by Chart Today in Crypto Quant, there has been a significant drop in Bitcoin miner reserves over the past two weeks. This could be an indication that confidence in the price reversal is waning despite an upside curve in Bitcoin price this week. The data revealed that around 4,300 BTC has dropped in the last two weeks, indicating positions that are hedged against the price drop. The general trend in the Bitcoin mining community seems to be about transferring assets to the derivatives market. According to experts, this is perhaps a clear signal to expect further declines in BTC price.

Miners generally continue to transfer to the derivatives market. Miners’ reserves have decreased by 4300 BTC in the last two weeks. Presumably these transfers to the derivatives market are for hedging against future declines, not (I think) with the intent to sell.

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BTC mining revenue drops

Supporting this analysis are Glassnode’s findings that BTC miners are distributing Bitcoin from their reserves. Revenues from bitcoin mining are said to have dropped 56 percent since their all-time high. Glassnode’s statements include the following statements:

While Bitcoin miner revenues have dropped 56 percent since their all-time high, we are seeing miners distribute BTC from their reserves.

Also, the cost of producing Bitcoin has increased by 132 percent, making things even worse for the mining community. According to CoinMarketCap, the BTC price is at $21,528, up 0.63 percent in the last 24 hours. The price of BTC has risen slightly over the past week, up 11.85 percent. The price has reached a 24-hour high of $22,010.

USA becomes largest hashrate participant

Meanwhile, the United States plays an important role in protecting the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto ecosystem, despite the numerous state and federal regulatory hurdles faced by crypto businesses in the region. While China is exiting the table after a permanent ban on crypto, the United States remains in the top spot for worldwide hashrate contribution and ATM installations.

Before crashing BTC mining, China historically represented more than 50 percent of the total hashrate by February 2021. With China out of the competition, the US took the gap and contributed the highest BTC hash rate. It represents 37.84 percent of the total hash rate.

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