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TXT has become very popular in recent years. They recently became the first K-Pop group to perform at Lollapalooza and had a successful US tour called ACT: LOVE SICK. With a total of five members, these are the birthday dates of the members.

TXT is a boy group from BIG HIT Entertainment, who have gained massive popularity with hits like Good Boy Gone Bad and Blue Hour. The group has very young members, what are their ages?

The boy group TXT is made up of the members: Hueningkai, Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and Beom Gyu, who have shown to have unique and charming personalities. On top of that, four of the five members were born in the new millennium, starting in 2000. Who are they?

In the world of K-Pop, the groups tend to have similar ages, with differences of a year or two between each of the members and the ‘lines’ are usually very important to make friends with people who were born the same year as them. When do the members of TXThave their birthday?

When are the birthdays of the TXT members? International and Korean age in 2022

Yeonjun He was born on September 19, 1999, he is the oldest of the group. His current age is 22 years old, in a few weeks he will be 23 years old internationally and 24 years old Korean.

Soobin birthday on December 5. He was born in 2000, so he is currently 21 years old. This year she will be 22 years old and is currently 22 Korean years old.

In the case of Beom-gyu the idol was born on March 13, 2001. He turned 21 this year and is currently 22 years old in Korea.

On the other hand, Taehyun He was born on February 5, 2002. He is currently 20 years old and in South Korea he is 21 years old.

The group maknae is Hueningkai, the idol will have a birthday in a couple of days, on August 14. He was born in the year 2002 as Taehyun, so he is currently 19 years old and will be 20 in five days. The idol is 21 years old Korean.

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