Invested In These 11 Altcoin Projects!

Altcoin: Coinlist, an ICO platform, has announced batch altcoin seed projects for the summer of 2022. Earlier yesterday, via its social networking pages, Coinlist announced the list of seed projects for summer 2022. Here are the details…

Coinlist invests in these altcoin projects

In their blog post where they made the announcement, Coinlist highlighted how Andreessen Horowitz broke records by raising $4.5 billion despite ongoing market problems. At the same time, “other startups such as Babel Finance, StarkWare and Magic Eden have raised billions of dollars in valuations in their recent fundraisers,” he said. The projects that Coinlist has invested in for 2022 are as follows:

  • Arrow Markets: Options trading platform.
  • TeleportDAO: Cross-chain entity protocol.
  • Candy Shop by LIQNFT: NFT marketplace.
  • Mystiko: Web3 privacy provider.
  • Decent: Music NFT platform.
  • Loop Crypto: Automation tool.

Investors still hopeful about crypto startups

Coinlist’s blog post states that investors still love crypto startups despite declining crypto prices and market volatility. Although “venture capital” activity in crypto appears to be slowing down in 2022, early-stage crypto investors are excited as there is less noise, more signals, and more quality opportunities. Many are convinced that the crypto winter is a natural part of the industry’s broader volatility and that these price drops are minor barriers rather than roadblocks.

Andreessen Horowitz, for example, recently set a record by raising a $4.5 billion fund dedicated to crypto. New startups Babel Finance, StarkWare and Magic Eden have raised billions in valuations in their most recent fundraising. Lightspark, a startup focused on Bitcoin payments, has quietly soared last month with $175 million in funding.

Metaverse Coin Projects Will Overthrow Everyone

Since launching CoinList Seed, CoinList has hosted over 55 major startups on the program, including Acala, Biconomy, Injective, Parsiq, and Rabbithole. Participating teams benefited from broad exposure to the CoinList community of over 10 million users, collaborations with other CoinList Seed companies, access to the CoinList partner ecosystem, mentoring opportunities, and a love of cryptocurrencies. Many of these companies on CoinList Seed continued to monetize their top mutual funds and launched their tokens, protocols or dApps in the crypto ecosystem with widespread adoption.

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