Is BTS sabotaged on US charts? Nicki Minaj talks about it 2022 #celebrity

On several occasions, ARMY has pointed out that the popularity of BTS is not always recognized within the United States, especially at awards and special events, Nicki Minaj’s statements could explain this situation.

After conquering the K-Pop industry, the fame of bts continued to increase until they became the most popular musical group of the moment, winning awards, breaking records and standing out with each of their new releases.

This also caused it to be more and more common to see BTS at international awards, mainly from USAnot only as nominees but even with presentations that leave everyone surprised.

Despite this, fans have often expressed that American shows seem not to value the impact and talent of these idols from k pop, pointing out that their popularity is only used for the rating but they are not recognized with awards and good treatment. Why a video of Nicki Minaj revived this discussion?

Nicki Minaj thinks BTS and other artists are being blocked from the charts

Recently, the rapper shared a video where he expresses his disagreement with the music industry, it seemed that his message was directed towards Billboardas he pointed out that the new rules (due to the change in metrics) were made to sabotage some artists:

According to Nicki Minaj, these rules were created so that no artist (or artists) that is being excluded or blocked can make it to #1. According to her, this is because those who have the power in the industry do not want a repeat of the success of musical phenomena that those people do not want to see at the top.

The artist mentioned that this is something that the BTS fandom has seen recently, which caused users of social networks to point out that the k pop group has been sabotaged upon arrival in the United States.

BTS: ARMY supports Nicki Minaj after her statements on the popularity charts

After Nicki Minaj’s message gained popularity, there were many comments that showed their support and expressed their criticism for the different measures that are taken to prevent certain artists from succeeding or obtaining new records.

What do you think of what the rapper said about the charts and the criteria that are taken into account to choose the first place? Tell us about it in the comments.

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