ITZY Previews Their Comeback in CHECKMATE’s Concept Film

ITZY: A new musical era of ITZY is approaching, after the announcement of their return with a new album, now the idols surprise us with black and white looks and scenarios within the first previews of CHECKMATE, how do the girls look?

Since their debut, the members of ITZY captivated the eyes with their powerful choreography, their vocal talent and an energy that always accompanies them, the girls group of JYPEntertainment joins the upcoming releases in the world of K-Pop and here we have the details.

Recently, the social networks of this musical group revealed details of the important dates on which they will be presenting advances and surprises of their come backbut they also made it known that their new album Will be called CHECKMATE.

Now the premieres begin and it’s time to find out what concept the ITZY girls will wear with their new era in music.

ITZY shows her elegance and determination in the first look at CHECKMATE

The JYP Entertainment group just released a Concept Film where the girls appear in a blank space and with a table in front. Reinforcing the name of his album, the chess pieces are present and several of them are manipulated by the idols.

But just as chess resumes with black and white colors, the looks of the singers They also use them to create elegant, serious and mysterious scenes, as the looks on their faces show great determination for what lies ahead.

When does ITZY’s CHECKMATE premiere? Get ready for the comeback

ITZY’s comeback with his album CHECKMATE is scheduled for July 15, but before that happens we will continue to see surprises with photos, videos, teasers and more that will tell us a little about what this era will be like in his career.

Also, just one month after the long-awaited premiere, the girls will kick off their first world tour, so there will be plenty of emotions to come. midzy.

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