ITZY’s Chaeryeong Confessed How She Overcomes Hateful Comments 2022 #Celebrity

In the world of K-Pop, many idols receive negative comments for all kinds of issues, from their personality to their physical appearance. Many have to put up with this type of comment for much of their career. One of the idols of this generation that has received the most hate is ITZY’s Chaeryeong and the singer herself confessed on a program how she feels about it.

Chaeryeong from ITZY was one of the artists invited to the No Prepare program and in the place she took the opportunity to tell how she has received negative comments since their debut and how these have affected on his person.

ITZY fans know that one of the members who constantly receives hate attacks is chaeryeong, which has had a negative impact on his personality and the way he appears to the public. In an interview, Chaeryeong opened up about it.

ITZY came back a few weeks ago with CHECKMATE, their new mini album, which had a theme of princesses and chess games. The main theme Sneakers moved all its fans for its catchy and happy rhythm.

Chaeryeong Confessed That She Has Received Hateful Comments Her Entire Career

On a recent show, ITZY’s Chaeryeong opened up about her career and how she has been the target of constant attacks and negative comments, especially directed at his physique. The singer took advantage of the program to speak honestly about it.

For chaeryeong, dealing with hate comments has been somewhat difficult but over time he has found different methods to cope with the attacks. One of the main ones is to make sure you ‘Don’t care anymore’ about what people say.

The main reason why negative comments affected him, in the words of ITZY’s Chaeryeong, it’s because he tends to give a lot of importance to people’s opinion and what the public thinks. For that reason, you can’t help but feel real about all the hateful comments you receive. However, it has been proposed to stop giving so much weight to his words, all so that they do not affect him too much.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong added that she currently doesn’t care about the hate anymore.

During No Prepare, chaeryeong She confessed that when she was a child she used to be very self-confident and feel pretty. However, her view of herself changed when she became a trainee. Well, during that time many people began to tell him that shouldn’t debut and to abandon his dream of being an idol.

After her debut the attacks continued, especially with netizens online who kept harassing her about her appearance, both in articles and on her own live broadcasts. Chaeryeong confessed that these attacks affected her a lot and her self esteem decreased considerably. What’s your opinion about it?

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