IU’s Outfits in The K-Drama that Caused A Furor 2022 #Celebrity

IU: In addition to a great story, Hotel del Luna gave us a dose of inspiration in terms of fashion, because in each episode IU wore various looks that accompanied her character and all of them had a fashionista vibe.

within the korean dramas the characters usually give us some ideas to transform our outfits or they show us trends full of charm when it comes to combining certain garments, but there are some roles that become fashion icons because of their amazing outfits.

When UI starred Moon Hotel and gave life to Jang Man Wolthe actress and singer stood out for their elegant and creative outfits, but what distinguished each of them was how fashionable they looked.

Below we invite you to remember some of the outfits IU’s most shocking and fashionable as she brought Jang Man Wol to life in the kdrama of fantasy.

Best Jang Man Wol Outfits IU Wore in Hotel del Luna Episodes

Let’s start with this look composed of a tight black dress and long gloves of the same color. IU tied her hair and decorated it with a small crown, she could not miss the jewelry on her neck and we have no doubt that the outfit was inspired by the movie starring Audrey Hepburn.

  • Purple and with great impact

This is without a doubt one of the most iconic outfits of Jang Man Wol. It is a purple dress with an opening on one side at the height of the legs. The look was perfectly complemented with a very showy black hat.

The following look is composed of a skirt below the knee, a short-sleeved blazer and a blouse with transparent details. As accessories we have a hat and elegant gloves with lace.

The following outfit includes an ankle-length dress in red, has slightly puffy short sleeves, and was paired with a matching hat. In addition, IU wears cream-colored sneakers and a white bag.

  • Beige for understated elegance

In this outfit we see the combination of a plain color chiffon blouse, it includes details with buttons that add elegance and it was combined with a long skirt of the same color whose design is fitted at the top.

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