IVE Announces After LIKE Songs, Comeback Tracklist 2022 #Celebrity

IVE has become one of the most popular groups of the new generation of K-Pop and will soon be back with new music. The girl group will premiere After LIKE in a few weeks and as part of their new album promotions, they shared the track list.

IVE will soon have a come back with the single After LIKE. In addition to the date and name of the comeback, the group also revealed the track list from the single album they will release for After LIKE.

The new generation of K-Pop arrived with force and one of the groups that has attracted the most attention is IVE, which features former IZ*ONE member Won Young. To the delight of all their fans, the group will return with new music this month and the songs list has already been revealed.

IVE revealed the tracklist for After LIKE, a new single album

South Korean girl group IVE will be making a comeback later this month with the single After LIKE, an album that will include two brand-new songs. The girl group revealed a track list with a dark style, where important information about the song appears.

On the poster where the songs list of After LIKE, you can see details about who composed and wrote the song. In addition to that, although it has a dark style, you can see a color bar at the top. These are the songs that will include your easy:

  1. After LIKE
  2. My satisfaction

When does IVE’s After LIKE premiere? What you should know about the comeback

After LIKE of IVE will premiere on August 22nd at 6:00 p.m. (KST). In this return they will include two completely new songs, which will be After LIKE and My Satisfaction. His fans can not wait for the premiere of them. Have you added it to your calendar yet?

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