J-Hope Announces Solo Album, Release Date, and More Details 2022 #celebrity

J-Hope: The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan will begin to focus on their solo careers and the first to share new content will be J-Hope, who has a new album scheduled, ahead of his appearance at the Lollapalooza music festival. What is known about his new project?

J-Hope of BTS plans to launch its first solo album coming soon, which will mark the first individual project of one of the members of BTS since the announcement that they would seek to focus on their careers individually.

The announcement of BTS’s indefinite hiatus saddened millions of fans around the world, who were looking forward to a possible world tour with all seven members. However, it is not all bad news, as each of the members will begin to focus on their solo careers and soon their fans will enjoy new content.

That will be taken care of by J-Hope, who announced that his new album is practically finished and ARMY will not have to wait long to enjoy it, since it already has an approximate release date.

J-Hope plans to release his new album in mid-July.

The news about new surprises that the members of BTS have for their fans is increasing. And although they are not group activities, the members have started working on their solo activities. Especially J-Hope, who thrilled her fans with the announcement of her new album.

An important fact is that it will not be a mixtape, like the previous works that the members of BTS had shared individually. This time, it will be the first formal album which J-Hope will release as a solo artist. A great achievement for the rapper.

Similarly, it was reported that the album is scheduled to be released in mid-July. Although the exact date of its release has not yet been confirmed, fans hope that in the coming days the calendar of important dates, teasers and more information about the genres that it will include in its songs will be released. Without a doubt, a bright future awaits J-Hope.

Fans speculate that his new album will be part of his presentation at Lollapalooza

Similarly, ARMY speculates that this new album is a special content to present in lollapalooza. Music festival featuring J-Hope as the main artist on July 31. This is a great achievement for the singer, as he will become the first South Korean artist to headline the festival. Demonstrating his great influence and talent internationally. You can see his promo here:

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