J-Hope at Lollapalooza, Best Memes From His Show at The Festival 2022 #Celebrity

BTS’s J-Hope made history on Sunday as the idol became the first South Korean act to main event the popular Lollapalooza music festival. In addition to performing several of his hits, the rapper also had iconic moments that fans couldn’t help but turn into memes. Which were the best?

J-Hope in the Lollapalooza had an unforgettable performance that both fans and people who attended the performance will never forget and had many funny moments that fans did not hesitate to turn into memesThese are some examples.

ARMY are never afraid to show their funniest side with memes and these are some of the ones that were born during J-Hope’s presentation at Lollapalooza. Not only was it full of heartwarming and sentimental moments, but it also had many hilarious moments that fans can’t forget.

J-Hope moments at Lollapalooza that created new memes

J-Hope’s presentation at Lollapalooza was a great night for all fans of the idol and they did not hesitate to show all their enthusiasm for this adventure through funny memes and videos of what happened during the concert.

However, fans did not forget old memes, so a fan made a special trench coat with the famous Wow meme from J-Hope and did not hesitate to use it as a locker room at Lollapalooza.

On the other hand, some fans used the famous ‘I lied to you’ meme, to mention how they would make their companion see J-Hope’s presentation at Lollapalooza.

Fans were completely charmed by the way J-Hope showed his excitement leading up to the performance, even comparing it to the Powerpuff Girls Bubble meme when he says ‘jump jump jump’.

The way of dancing J-Hope reminded ARMY about how people dance to the ska genre, so they couldn’t help but make videos of what the idol would look like dancing to this genre of music.

On the other hand, many fans noticed that the underwear of J Hope It was not very comfortable, because in one scene they could see how the idol while dancing had to pull it a little to no longer feel uncomfortable. Making jokes about how J-Hope knew how to ‘take off his pants’ with style.

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