J-Hope Had A Party for Jack In The Box, Who Attended? 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: A few hours after the official release of Jack In The Box, BTS’s J-Hope did not miss the opportunity to throw a pre-release party in which he invited many of his celebrity friends to enjoy a pleasant moment to celebrate his solo album. . Who was at the event?

J-Hope of BTS gave a pre-launch party of jack in the box, his first official solo album. To which both his BTS colleagues and other friends from the artistic world attended. Many celebrities they gathered to celebrate the idol’s new project.

J-Hope is one of the most beloved members of BTS for his radiant personality and kindness, so it was no surprise to ARMY all the celebrities who came to celebrate with the rapper the release of his album Jack In The Box.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box officially opens on July 15 and prior to its release, the Chicken Noodle Soup interpreter did not miss the opportunity to give a party to have fun with your friends.

J-Hope invited many stars to his album pre-release party

This July 15 opens Jack In The Box and J-Hope knew that a party celebration for the launch from his album was the perfect idea to meet up with all his friends. Among the guests could not miss his fellow BTS and many well-known faces of K-Pop.

Through an Instagram story of the soloist jessiethe singer could be seen at J-Hope’s party with HyunA Y Dawnwho posed in a photo booth in the square on the cover of Jack In The Box.

Besides them, Taehyung could not miss to celebrate his group mate and took a picture with the singer Bibi and more celebrities.

J-Hope also took a picture with rapper PH-1, who also shared the autographed Jack In The Box albums he received from the BTS member on networks.

On the other hand, J-Hope was slow to share Instagram stories over the course of the party, where he is seen dancing and celebrating with all his friends for the release of Jack In The Box.

What time does Jack In The Box premiere in Latin America?

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box will be released on July 15 at 1:00 p.m. (KST) and will be released simultaneously with the MV for Arson, the title track of his album. At these times it will be released in Latin America. Do you already have it scheduled?

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