J-Hope is Worried About How ARMY is Going to Receive Jack In The Box 2022 #celebrity

J-Hope: A few days after the official release of Jack In The Box, BTS’s J-Hope held a V Live to meet his fans and talk a little about his first solo album, being completely honest when talking about his biggest fears and concerns regarding to his new album. J-Hope confessed to ARMY why Jack In The Box worries him.

J-Hope of BTS will release his first solo album in the coming days. The title of this album is jack in the box and promises to be one of the artist’s most personal albums, which has caused him more concern about how the public will receive it.

ARMY is very excited about all the achievements that J-Hope has achieved in recent months. In addition to being the first member to release solo music since the announcement of his break as a group, he will also become the first South Korean artist to headline Lollapalooza.

However, not everything is emotion for the rapper. Well, through a V Live he confessed that he feels very worried and afraid with the launch of jack in the box, especially since it’s a very personal album. What is it that you fear?

Jack In The Box is a very personal album and J-Hope fears that his message is not understood

Through a V Live broadcast, BTS’s J-Hope started talking about his new album, jack in the box, which will be released in the next few days. To the surprise of the fans, the idol confessed that he feels scared about how the fans will receive this album, especially because of the message he wants to give.

For J-Hope, Jack In The Box is a very personal album because in each of his songs he expressed how he currently feels, what he wants and the style of music he likes and with which he wants to work.

However, J-Hope’s main doubt is knowing if people will feel the same as him when they listen to Jack In The Box, if they will understand the message you want to transmit and will accept it. He also assured that he put all his soul into each of the songs, so he fears even more if the album will be well received.

When does J-Hope’s Jack In The Box premiere?

J-Hope’s new album Jack In The Box will be officially released on July 15 and it is currently available for pre-download on some music platforms. After the release of his album, the rapper will start preparing for his performance at the famous Lollapalooza music festival, which will be on July 31. Are you ready for everything J-Hope brings this month?

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