J-Hope of BTS in W Korea, Will Be The Cover of The Month of August 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: With an eye-catching video clip from a photo shoot, it was announced that BTS rapper J-Hope will be the main face of the August issue of W Korea magazine. Although the idol’s name is not mentioned in the publication, J-Hope did not take long to comment to his fans that he would be the cover of August.

J-Hope It will be the front page of the month of August from the famous magazine W Korea, so announced through its official social networks. Completely exciting all the fans who can’t wait to see the rapper’s new material.

ARMY is very proud of all that J-Hope has achieved in recent months. Not only will he be releasing his first official solo album and he will be the first member of the group to start solo activities, they also love the recognition he has received in the industry.

The interpreter of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ was invited by W Korea magazine to do a photo shoot and interviewnews that overly excited his fans, who are eagerly awaiting his new album Jack In The Box.

W Korea to release August cover tomorrow, starring BTS’s J-Hope

Through its official Instagram account, W Korea magazine shared a video of a Photoshoot next to an idol. Although in most scenes he tries not to focus on her face at all times and zooms in on other parts of her body, fans quickly identified BTS’s J-Hope.

In the video description of the magazine, W Korea mentions that the person who will cover the August issue is part of the purple hope, making a play on words with the stage name of the idol. On top of that, they mention that he has a charm and duality that makes you forget the captain of the Maknae Line. Asking that fans put the name of the artist in the comments.

As soon as it was shared, J-Hope He replicated the video on his Instagram account, both in stories and in a post, confirming to ARMY that he would be W Korea’s cover of the month of August.

Besides the cover, J-Hope will be very busy with his album and Lollapalooza

On the other hand, the idol has not only been invited to interviews, in a couple of days his album will be officially released. jack in the box and at the end of this month it will be presented at the famous music festival lollapalooza. Becoming the first Korean artist to be the main act of this show. Without a doubt, it will be a great month for J-Hope. Are you ready for everything this idol will bring?

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