J-Hope Rehearses for Lollapalooza, So He Prepares for His Show 2022 #Celebrity

BTS fans have many reasons to be excited, but one of the most anticipated is J-Hope’s performance at the Lollapalooza festival. The idol is already preparing his presentation and excited ARMY by revealing details.

Very soon we will hear J-Hope’s first solo album, being the first member of BTS to present a record material of this type. The expectations are high, but although everything is ready for launch, he is working very hard and constantly.

The reason is because his facet as a soloist will lead him to appear at one of the most recognized festivals around the world, that is lollapalooza.

ARMY can’t wait to see the K-Pop idol take the stage and sing his new tunes, but now that J-Hope talked about it the emotion rose.

J-Hope will be at Lollapalooza and is giving all his effort in rehearsals

Recently the idol was on Weverse responding to some ARMY comments and posts, so when he was asked about what he had been doing today, the boy revealed that he practiced the presentation of Lollapalooza on his own, but he also said:

I think my throat is going to explode

The rapper BTS seems to have practiced intensely, so his fans did not hesitate to leave him messages to remind him that his health is a priority, one of the messages that the idol received was:

I’m going to Lollapalooza too! Let’s take care of our health

ARMY is inspired by J-Hope and gives Lollapalooza a new name

Among the ARMY messages that J-Hope responded to, the idol found a very original one, because although the fan who wrote that showed his excitement for the festival, he combined the name of Lollapalooza with the nickname of the idol, so he said:

Get ready for HOBIPALOOZA

J-Hope shared the emotion and pointed out that the event would happen soon, making ARMY happy with the attitude he showed as it makes us anticipate his presentation even more.

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