J-Hope Releases Teasers for More, First Song From Jack In The Box 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: We are getting closer to J-Hope’s first album where he will show his talent as a solo artist, but before listening to his new songs, the BTS member shares photos with the vibe of Jack In The Box, arousing the curiosity of fans for his First single.

There is no dull day ARMYjust a few hours ago we saw v showing off her fashion sense at Paris Fashion Week and now J Hope consent to the admirers of bts with more previews of his first solo album, which will be called jack in the box.

For now we know that this K-Pop rapper’s record material will arrive in just a few weeks, but there will also be a pre-released single. Before telling you all about the important dates, let’s start by delving a little into what we will see in this musical era of J-Hope.

The interpreter of Chicken Noodle Soup has one surprise after another, so now that the details of the album and the presale have been revealed, it’s time to know what J-Hope looks like in photos of this record material.

BTS’s J-Hope changes his look in concept photos of More

Recently, BigHit shared a teaser photo that moved the BTS fandom, it is the first preview of Jack In The Box and in it we see the silhouette of J-Hope in the middle of a dark corridor while behind him a light reveals a bit of the construction where find.

That was just the beginning, because later conceptual photos would arrive for the first single of the K-Pop idol in this musical era: MORE.

In the set of stills, Hoseok appears sporting slightly dark makeup around his eyes, is wearing an all-black outfit, and particularly highlights a hat that appears to have ears.

Jack In The Box: J-Hope’s album premiere and the release of More

The first track of this long-awaited record material will be revealed on July 1, so in less than a week we’ll know what this song called More sounds like. Do you look forward to it?

Also, J-Hope’s album will be released on July 15, so ARMYs have time to get ready and receive all the new songs within their K-Pop playlist.

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