J-Hope Revealed Secrets on Zico’s Show and These Are The Best 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: After the premiere of his album Jack In The Box as a soloist, J-Hope has met with several celebrities and was recently part of Zico’s new show that bears the name of Give Me A Minute, it was there that the idol revealed secret details of his music, his fashion style and more.

Very soon we will see J-Hope performing at the Lollapalooza festival, where he will sing his songs as a solo artist and bring his energy to the public. Before leaving for the United States, the idol He had some promotional activities for his new album and today we will talk about one of them.

K-Pop singer and member of BTS He visited several programs, first we saw him with IU and now with Zico. This guy just released his show on YouTube under the name of Give Me A Minute Y J Hope was his first guest.

Together they talked about the new album, J-Hope’s hidden talents, his routine when creating new songs and shared funny moments between laughs, find out what curiosities Y secrets revealed the member of BTS in this show.

BTS’s J-Hope Talks Jack In The Box, His Way Of Making Music, And More

  • Via Jack In The Box J-Hope wanted to show that although he can follow trends, when it comes to his music he just tries to show that he can do whatever he wants, artistically speaking.
  • J-Hope shared that when he is going to release a song or a album new, you feel motivated to do your nails with a special design, the reason? To match the style and concept you are presenting.
  • The singer also confessed that when doing new nail designs, Suga Y Jin they always react surprised and sometimes you think you might not like that nail art trend. oops!
  • The rapper of BTS considered that it should be shown as it is through the new album, as he considered it necessary before continuing to advance as an artist and plan new things full of creativity.
  • J-Hope admitted that since promotions with BTS keep him busy, he often has to work while they are abroad, so he sets up his computer and a dynamic microphone in his hotel room.
  • Arson’s interpreter considers that when he enlisted Chicken Noodle Soup It was the moment when she used a memorable design for her nails, mainly because she remembers that she had a drawing of a chicken on one of her fingers.

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