J-Hope Reveals Behind The Scenes of MV More 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: A few days ago, MORE was revealed, the first song that will be part of J-Hope’s solo album titled Jack In The Box. With a rebellious rock/punk tune, the idol surprised his fans and made them even more emotional after revealing the video recording process and the unexpected visitors he had on set.

J-Hope of BTS recently released their new song called MORE. With a dark and rebellious style, the idol revealed a music video that completely moved ARMY and a few hours ago he shared the behind the scenes of MORE. Who visited him on set?

ARMY is very happy for all the achievements that J-Hope has obtained this year, in addition to the fact that he is about to release his solo album, he will also perform at the famous Lollapalooza festival at the end of the month, becoming the first South Korean artist to be the main act of the night.

For that reason, each of his updates makes his fans very excited and they were completely delighted with J-Hope’s new MV, especially for its dark and different style. What was it like recording MORE?

J-Hope was visited by Taehyung while filming MORE’s MV

One of the surprises that not many people were expecting but were quite excited when it happened was when BTS’s V appeared on the MORE recording set to support J-Hope.

Taehyung did not arrive empty-handed and to support his groupmate he brought a waffles of the rapper’s favorite flavor, since surely spending so much time on set he was hungry. To later talk with his partner and propose to also appear in the video.

Before his proposal, J-Hope commented that if ARMY appeared at the time he would realize it instantly, letting out a couple of laughs at the idea, but very happy that his partner was going to show his support while recording the MV. Proving once again that the members have a nice friendship.

J-Hope showed ARMY what excited him the most about filming MORE

For J-Hope, filming MORE was a very fun process. One of the moments that he enjoyed the most was the ‘Mannequin challenge’, in which he had to remain for a moment without moving during the scene.

On the other hand, the moment that gave him the most curiosity was the X-ray scene, where several white and yellow dots were placed all over his face while they made a direct focus on his face. J-Hope commented that he had no idea how those scenes were shot and wondered if they would turn out well.

Similarly, the idol showed his playful and funny side and imitated the filming directors from time to time by the way they shouted. Without a doubt, the idol had several unforgettable moments while filming MORE. What did you like the most about his new song?

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