J-Hope reveals behind the scenes of the cover of Jack In The Box 2022 #Celebrity

BTS’s J-Hope was heavily involved in the creation of Jack In The Box, his first solo album. From the lyrics of the songs to the concept and image that his album would have. The cover was no exception and through a video on the official BANGTAN TV channel, Arson’s interpreter shared how the album cover was created.

J-Hope of BTS gave a lot of himself to jack in the box, his first solo album. For that reason, it was no surprise that he was so detailed even in the front page of the disc, since it was one of the most important points. How did he create it? The idol shared it in a video.

The members of BTS have been active in their solo careers, especially J-Hope, who released his first solo album and even performed on the Lollapalooza stage as the main act of the night, gathering thousands of fans at the festival. .

Over the last few weeks, the MORE singer has shared many of the creative processes behind his album, talking about how he wrote the songs, how he recorded Arson’s MV, and now, the singer shared how he made the cover of jack in the box.

J-Hope posed in different outfits for his Jack In The Box album cover

Through the YouTube channel BANGTAN TV, J-Hope from BTS shared how the cover of jack in the box, his first solo album. Showing some behind-the-scenes secrets and important moments of creation.

In a video of approximately three minutes, J-Hope showed a bit of the Photoshoot for your album cover. In this session, you can see how the idol was very retailer even in the position that his peculiar harlequin-style hat should have had.

While the idol posed, he made sure that the hat was in the desired position, in addition to feeling comfortable and natural, so he had to rearrange it several times until it was satisfied. Everything, on a box with a green background to facilitate the edition of the cover.

On the other hand, in the video you can also see that J-Hope was not alone during the creation of the cover, because Jungkook decided to visit him on set to show his support and joke around with his partner a bit.

The artist KAWS made the drawings of J-Hope’s Jack In The Box

On the other hand, the plastic artist kaws He also collaborated in the creation of the cover of jack in the box and his distinctive drawing style can be seen on the digital cover that appears on J-Hope’s album on different music platforms. Besides that. KAWS also helped design different merchandise for the album with J-Hope, who wanted to put all of his personality on the album. What was your favorite thing about Jack In The Box?

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