J-Hope Reveals Jack In The Box Tracklist, What Songs Will it Have? 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope‘s solo album is getting closer. Not only has MORE been shared, now ARMY can see the list of songs that will make up Jack In The Box in a fun video shared by the idol’s agency. These are the ten singles that will be part of the BTS member’s album.

J-Hope is ready for his solo album and the track list of jack in the box completely excited the fans, as it will be an album with 10 completely new songs. What are the song titles?

ARMY can’t wait any longer for the release of J-Hope’s Jack In The Box and the album’s track list has increased the excitement and curiosity they have for the idol’s comeback. With a total of 10 new songsthis album is destined to be a success.

Fans are still trying to recover from MORE, as it was the song that introduced the album and marked that BTS’s J-Hope would use a completely different style than his fans were used to, wondering what surprises will appear in Jack In The Box.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box Tracklist Revealed With Hilarious Video

Through a video on his official HYBE Labels account on Youtube, the track list of jack in the box, BTS J-Hope’s solo album. With a music box style and MORE-like melody in the background, the title of each of the songs appeared in a 360° style.

Each of the titles appears in bright colors, giving the idea that their return will have a circus style, somewhat dark but at the same time playful. Likewise, the song names draw a lot of attention, making fans wonder what the lead single is going to be. Can you see her songs list here next to the video shared by HYBE.

  1. enter
  2. Pandora’s Box
  3. MORE
  4. stop
  5. = (EqualSign)
  6. Music Box : Reflection
  7. What If…
  8. safety zone
  9. Future
  10. Arson

When does J-Hope’s Jack In The Box premiere?

The official launch of jack in the box of J-Hope is scheduled for the July 15. Date that without a doubt all fans should mark on their calendar. Have you already saved to share your album? This month will be very heavy for J-Hope, because in addition to releasing his first solo album, he will also perform at the Lollapalooza festival on July 31, do not forget to schedule it.

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