J-Hope Reveals Teaser of His New MV, When Does it Premiere? 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: Jack In The Box is a few days away from being released and as the date approaches, new advances are released. This time, it was a teaser with part of the rap that will be played on Arson, the title track of J-Hope’s solo album. What was it that could be seen in the teaser?

J-Hope premiered a new teaser for Arsonthe title track of his new album Jack In The Box, in which several cars can be seen on fire while part of his new single plays.

For ARMY, it is no secret how talented each of the BTS members are and they are very excited about all the achievements they have achieved both as a group and individually.

For that reason, all fans are very happy with the release of Jack In The Box, the new solo album by BTS’s J-Hope. And they can’t wait to see everything that their new project will contain. What is known so far about Arson, his title song.

J-Hope’s Arson releases a teaser full of rap and burning cars

Through the official channel of HYBE Labels, a video preview for Arson, the title song of jack in the box, J-Hope’s new album. This preview quickly caught the attention of fans, who can’t wait to hear the idol’s new music.

After falling deeply in love with MORE, fans can’t wait to hear Jack In The Box in full. Fortunately, in the new teaser they could see a fragment of ArsonJ-Hope’s title song.

In the teaser, the Chicken Noodle Soup singer can be heard in the background rapping various parts of Arson, while in the background two cars are seen burning in flames, showing that the concept will be full of chaos and strong emotions.

When does J-Hope’s Arson premiere? Jack In The Box song

The video of Arson by J-Hope will premiere on July 15 at 1:00 p.m. (KST) simultaneously with his first solo album jack in the box, album that will include a total of 10 completely new songs. Without a doubt, a great achievement of the BTS rapper who has all his fans very excited. Are you going to buy the album?

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