J-Hope Reveals That Lizzo is His Best Friend on Instagram 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope continues to receive a lot of support for his song More, the BTS rapper had a sweet interaction with Lizzo, making it clear that they both consider their friendship special.

The interactions of J-Hope and Lizzo have appeared on several occasions, first they met at award ceremonies and important events, since both bts like this singer are some of the stars of the moment.

Later, Lizzo She said that she and the K-Pop rapper were good friends, but also added that they exchanged text messages and even revealed that the idol apologized for not being able to answer frequently when he was busy.

Now what J-Hope BTS released a solo song, we can see a new sample of their friendship, what happened?

J-Hope’s More appeared on Lizzo’s Instagram along with a message

After the premiere of More J-Hope’s first song for jack in the boxthe idol received support from fans and celebrities, as several well-known figures shared the track on their Instagram stories.

Just a few days before the launch, these details continue to happen and now it was Lizzo who posted a screenshot listening to the melody and also added the message:

J-Hope from BTS called Lizzo a best friend and this is how ARMY reacted

The member of Bangtan Sonyeondan saw this publication of the singer and reposted it on her Insta-stories, surprising all her fans, because the idol also thanked her by calling her best friend with the acronym in English BFF:

ARMY showed their emotion but comments were also made about how everything Lizzo said about the BTS member was proven and there will be no one who doubts his words.

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