J-Hope solo Debut, When Does Jack In The Box Premiere? 2022 #Celebrity

J-Hope: From now on we will be surrounded by solo projects of BTS members, J-Hope will release his album very soon but he has prepared several surprises for ARMY, that’s why BigHit made important announcements.

As announced by the guys from BTS After their 9th anniversary since debut, a new stage now begins for the K-Pop band where we will see several individual projects in and out of music, but that of course includes several albums.

Each of the BTS members is working on their first solo albums leaving aside the mixtapes and climbing to a new modality of taking his individual music to ARMYsomething that excited the fandom to the fullest.

J Hope will be the first idol of this group to present their album and it will arrive this summer, but now the name of the album has been revealed, the date of its premiere and another important moment that no ARMY should miss.

J-Hope announces the name of his album and will have a pre-released single

Through the Twitter account of BigHitit was announced that J-Hope’s solo album will be named after jack in the box. The entertainment company published an animated video that begins with a letter ‘J’ surrounded by blue and pink squares, which transform to reveal the title of this record material.

But that is not the only news, because before the day of the premiere arrives, Hoseok will present a melody as a pre-released single and, although many details of it are not yet known, it is known that the track will be released on the 1st of July.

Jack In The Box: When is J-Hope’s solo album released?

Although ARMY eagerly awaits the premiere of the new song of the Bangtan idol Sonyeondan, no member of the fandom looks away from the record material that is to come.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box album will be released on July 15, but stay tuned as BigHit may have more surprises related to this music release.

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