J-Hope Triumphs with Jack In The Box on Spotify, He Got This Achievement 2022 #Celebrity

BTS’s J-Hope debuted as a solo artist with his first album called Jack In The Box, an album with a different style in which the rapper expressed all his current feelings. A week after its release, the album has positioned itself as one of the favorites of K-Pop, thanks to its number of reproductions on Spotify.

J-Hope by BTS released his first solo album jack in the box already a week after its premiere, it has proven to be a success, especially on music platforms such as Spotify. What position is your disk in?

ARMY is very proud of the achievements of each of the members of BTS, especially for J Hopewho was the first member to start working as a solo artist after the announcement of the group’s break.

Among his projects, J-Hope released his first album called jack in the boxIn addition to that, it launched a line of products inspired by the album and in a couple of days it will be presented at the Lollapalooza music festival.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box Surpasses 60 Million Streams On Spotify

One week after its premiere, Jack In The Box of J-Hope becomes the second album of a K-Pop act to have one of the most successful releases on the platform. Since in the first week he managed to overcome the 60 million views. Being second only to Proof from BTS.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box has a cumulative total of 63,705,507 streams on the platform. Spotify, being MORE the song with the most views. Without a doubt, the 10 songs on the album have been a success and the entire fandom feels very proud of the achievement that the idol has achieved on the platform.

MORE and Arson are the most listened songs of Jack In The Box

On the other hand, the most listened to songs of jack in the box J-Hipe’s are MORE and Arson. MORE premiered days before the official release of Jack In The Box and completely moved its fans with its dark and rock style. Currently, MORE exceeds 45 million streams, while Arson It has 17 million views. What is your favorite song on the album?

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